Question on Value Prediction / Pattern Recognition

Hello, hope you’re all doing well,
I need some help with a pattern recognition/predictive task. The subject is totally new to me, so I’m not even sure if it is something doable in vvvv to begin with.

I’ve a patch that is plotting the amount of “activity” going on in a video. So my data is 2 dimensional, time passing (x) and video activity (y). Is it possible to run a predictive algorithm to determine how the activity is more likely to evolve in a given moment, based on the activity recorded in the previous frames?

I found an old topic (Linear regression in vvvv?) regarding Linear Regression with @motzi ML pack. I read a bit around the topic, but since everything’s new to me, I’m still unsure whether if Linear Regression is something useful for my needs or not.
And if not, are there other solutions, maybe hidden in the ML pack?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Stay safe