Question about exporting FFT data into a text file


I picked up this software just a few hours ago and as such I am unable to conclude my task due to my lack of knowledge

My task is to analyze a sound file of my selection via FFT and create 3 separate text files to be read by another software after that.

I was thus able to piece together the FFT component and get it to create a constantly updating iobox or however they are called here but I cannot for the life of me get it to print/export/write a text file. I tried the writer(string) and while I was able to make it create a new text file with my name, it seems to be blank.

How can i create a text file with those values being printed on a new line each time it changes on my screen? I tried to attach the patch itself, but i’m a new user so i can’t upload, here is google drive link lmk if it works:

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hei overlordbg,
have you check this?

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i’ve done such a tool some years ago:

also this might be interesting:

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Hey Tonfilm,

Thank you lots for you help, I wasn’t able to get the first link to work, but the second one did precisely what I was looking for, with the small exception of creating a single text file with multiple numbers per line.

Ideally, we’d need 3 or 4 different text files with a single number per line, so if you know how I can quickly modify what I already have in order to achieve that, I would be very grateful. Still, I believe it more possible to “teach” our 3rd software (3dsmax maxscript in this case) to read a line with multiple numbers.

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Hi there is a bass audio NRT FFT node on x86 betta, should be quite easy to work with…

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