Writer a spread and read it back

Hello people, merry christmas,(again!)
im working on a project where i use a spread of 109 slices with values from 0 to 1, following a timeline, and working in sync at 30fps.
im tryning to bake the animation with audio input too into a text file to read it later at 30 fps to simplify the proccess… the show its about 15 minutes, i would like to know how can i write the file in the correct way and how to read it as a spread.
thanks people hope somebody give me a solution.

As string(value)
+(string spectral) and use comma as a in between character
Write the to the file
And separate (string)
Asvalue it back
I’d write a file per key frame myself and set the file name to increment with a time to string …
Make sense?
Sorry I’m on my phone so can’t do a demo!

thanks cat, i understand your method, and testing around, as far as i see, you said to write a file per keyframe,but in this case i should need to interpolate values between keyframes? or you mean to write a file for every frame?
my purpose its to record the values at 30FPS to read it back in sync.
in this case i would need 30 files written by second? this is hyper huge amount of files if we speak about 15 minutes of show,
is efficient to do it in this way.?
can i split the files for example every minute,?
how i read back the files in a 30 framerate? getslice with LFO?
Getslice with timing.?
thanks a lot, you show me some light to achieve this.

there is an old patch of mine, which should get you started. it writes files to disk and then loads them during NRT rendering according to the render time.
tonfilm patches#fft recorder

thanks tonfilm, actually i didnt realize that fft recorder can record any value input, im trying to make it work in beta 31.2 without success, the writer don writes the files, dont know why any tip?
i remember i used in the past with other versions without problems…anyone experienced this?

Are you trying to write to a folder that does not exist? You can make the folder first or check the writer node with ctrl+I and enable create directory.