Problem with renderer

Hi everybody,
I would like to use a renderer in order to fullscreen or hide a black window in front of my content (html web page).
When I put fullscreen = 1, my black window simulate screen = off
But when I put fullscreen=0 my renderer is always on the top. (not on fullscreen but a small black window is present front of my web page ). I don’t want to use a add on to my browser for stay on top. I would like to use a vvvv solution.
Have you a solution ?

Would you rephrase what you want to achieve (leave out, or at least separate, how you’re trying to achieve it)?

I want that my renderer is hide when I put “fullscreen = 0”.
Because at the moment it doesn’t be hide. Renderer window stay on the screen, in front of the other windows like Mozilla firefox…


get the handle of your renderer and and set its alpha to zero, scale it down to zero or just move it out of view

OK I understand, but I don’t know which pin of window box I have to link to renderer box to take in concideration my new setting.

see the patch for two different ways
windowhandles.v4p (9.3 KB)

also why not load your webpage in vvvv itself and avoid this hacking altogether?

Very nice !
Thank you very much, I go to learn to do this.

For HTML I don’t know if the html engine of vvvv is good. I have to try it.

I don’t find a switch between two renderer. Do you know which box I have to use ?

edit : I try with EQ value (inverse output)
With inverse, when I put 1, website fullscreen works, when I put zero, website quit fullscreen but blackscreen doesn’t appear on the screen ( value is 1 for fullscreen blackscreen ).
I try with delay, with value IsFullscreen, etc, but switch between two renderer fullscreen seems to be difficult.

it doesn’t work

You would try to use HTML Texture. Then you have the other content.
So you just work in a window (one renderer) and show different contents very easily.
Have a look at Group nodes, Transform (2d) node, Scale node. You have to just set Scale to zero for the top layer (the rightmost on Group) and you’re done.


It’s more complicated because I have to define width and height with fix value.
I can use Mouse node for control inside webpage, It’s OK but I have no cross.
No problem, I want to use touch screen.

I have seen this topic : HTML Renderer questions - #3 by zeos
Why this topic explain a different way to use mouse ? Is it an old version of vvvv?

Thanks a lot, I think all is OK. I just have to test touch screen…

Ok, so my touchescreen is ok.
The only problem is quality, I have a better graphic quality in HTML RENDERER than TEXTURE HTML.
I don’t know why…

set the resolution on html texture node to match your renderer window. like in the helppatch

Ok I will try in the journey, thanks

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