HTML Renderer questions

I am frustratingly close to doing some fun things with the HTML nodes, but there are a few things I don’t see how to handle.

  1. Back/forward as in a normal browser. This seems to require quite a lot of external handling to make this work, as the plugin does not appear to respond to the back/forward browser key codes.

  2. Handling links any way but mouse clicks. If the HTML nodes output the link being “hovered” over, like most browsers do, then it would make possible some much better user feedback, such as changing the cursor, fetching pages into other textures for multiple page displays, etc. etc.

  3. How to get “touch” events in, such as when using a multitouch surface for swiping, etc.

I’m hoping some of this stuff is there and I just haven’t figured it out, before I go hacking the plugin. Thanks!

Ah yes, and

  1. Any example of using the javascript input pin? Is there any way to link vvvv data into that javascript, or does it have to be written into the script and executed each frame?

Hey mediadog,

(1) with a little javascript you can tell the browser to go back or forward

(2) well that’s tricky, one way, a bit crazy, would be to hook with javascript all or specific HTML element(s) mouseover/click (mouseOver will generate a lot of traffic…but u can try :), then communicate back to VVVV using AJAX…VVVV can listen on a port 8080 for requests using HTTP Network receiver node…I did it ~2 years ago, but does not work with the current HTMLTexture for some reason, also I did some other modifications in the plugin not related to that, now obsolete.

(3) One way is to simulate “MouseDrag” with the mousejoin node and send it as a MouseState to the HTMLTexture _Mouse _

(4) Take a look at the patch I attached with example using little javascript

hope that helps

HTMLTexture (zeos).v4p (40.3 kB)

Thanks, zeos, that is hugely helpful! Doing the back and forward that way is much simpler than managing an external queue, plus they load MUCH faster than loading the URL all over again.

I’ll take a look at the plugin code and see about adding that hovered link output. Thanks again!

zeos, using what I think you were talking about for #3, “mousedrag”, isn’t quite the same thing, if I am correct in what you are referring to.

If I send a middle-button down, then any mouse X/Y change sets a velocity for scrolling the image. So it works like a joystick. Is that what you were talking about?

I’m looking for more like the inertial/ballistic motion you get with a swipe. I can do that for vertical scrolling, by using the Scroll input pin Y value and handling the inertia myself, but that doesn’t work for X on web pages that want you to swipe, not scroll, sideways to get to different content.

I figure this will probably need to be done using the javascript input pin similar to back/forward to inject the appropriate events, but my javascript/HTML skills are not up to that (yet!).

Also, I noticed in working on this that the HTML nodes ignore mouse scroll wheel input (guess I should file that as a bug).

to be able to properly handle touch input you’ll need to wait for a couple of things: