Problem with mouse tracking in a renderer

Hi, i m experiencing very strange behaviour on a project requiring a full screen renderer on laptop screen for tracking, and using 2nd output screen as projection.
The tracking is done with mouse/sytlet

Either in DX9 or D11, moving the mouse out of limits of the renderer doesnt give a data > to - 1 or 1, but rebounce the mouse position to 1/3 position of the screen !

I tried to put conditions with limits / borders in my patch to avoid this, but it seems to be windows dependant !

How can i avoid this and continue to have the old behaviour i m used to ( coordonates -1,3 for example) ?

Thank you

which mouse node are you using?

Hello tomfilm i m using System Mouse Windows legacy 2.
Thé traveling renderer IS dx11


can you record the behavior? it’s a bit hard to follow.
is there a reason for using legacy nodes?

Bonjour Gregsn !

about legacy, no reason specifically but to avoid links in my patch.

here is a video snap while dragging with left click on the dx11 renderer. this happens also with dx9
pasword to access is VVVV

I think I’ve encountered that one for a few times, i’m guessing this also happens when you drag something and move mouse outside of renderer…

Hi Antokhio, 2 years ago it wasnt the case (last time i used mouse tracking in a renderer).

Just checked and it’s actually quite easy to reproduce, click anywhere in renderer and move mouse outside of render window and it jumps back…

Yeap but once upon a Time it wasnt.

Yup I have come across this many times as well. If you use the mouse for rotation for example by say right-click and dragging, you want it to continue rotating even if you hit the edge of the renderer. The mouse cursor jumps back and can continue to move. Since all mouse moves are usually relative, it doesn’t matter, since it only looks at the directional change in one frame.

I never quite figured it out either, but it seems to be hardcoded behavior in the vvvv renderer.

Maybe this can help you. Just middle-click inside the renderer to set the window handle.


get_absolute_renderer_coords.v4p (13.6 KB)

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thank you !

do you know where i can get the mp.essential pack in non vpm format ( vpm doenst work on my computer) to accessto HandleFromCursor node ? The github source doesnt show up this ressource. 27797592_1992663527415230_6914104044486730847_o|800x613


and that’s why my camera nodes for example keep the cursor in one place while interacting with it.

@karistouf bug report pls with screenshots and steps to reproduce

on getting mp.essentials without vpm well you need to do these:

  1. Download the message pack (I have some nodes in there manipulating velcrome’s messages)
  2. Download this put it into packs folder
  3. Download md.stdl and put its contents into packs/md.core
  4. Download mp.pddn and put its contents into packs/md.core
  5. in the vvvv folder open vvvv.exe.config (hidden file by default) and look for:
<probing privatePath="lib\core" />

replace it with

<probing privatePath="lib\core;packs\md.core" />

and that’s why I wrote vpm so people don’t have to download multiple things and edit xml config files themselves and I can keep reusable components separately maintained.

thank you micordde, but i have downloaded and install vpm and it doesnt doing it. so thats why :) thank you for your help, i will keep you informed :)

can you tell me what’s it’s not doing? so there’s a chance I can fix that?

hello microdee
in vvvv.exe.config

is not present in VVVV beta50 38.1

can you just point me the vpm file (i m no more refinding it and md ecosystem on your user page doesnt point to a valide site)

sincerely yours

it’s on

thank you @microdee microdee, here is the problem thing: