Particle transformations

How does one go about transforming a particle system, as in the particles themselves. Originally I was shifting the camera and layering but that’s a pretty jacked solution and is already falling apart. I’ve then added a domain transform into the random/sampleTexture2dBox, but as I have slow decaying particles this results in a mess of cloud rather than the clean particle forms I’d like.

I’ve checked

but this is about ply and there’s a mention of applying transform to the final entity, but there’s two entities between the Compute System and the Sprite(or whichever) Renderer and I can only sort out adding an entity after the former using the first out pin and it doesn’t affect anything when adding a transform to it

I also looked at the sketch at:

but this seems specifically for transformation on import.

The current version is a somewhat reworked version of the “Use Texture as Vectorfield” help file, but with an image series to produce a volume.
note: this is using fuse 0.2.0 because 0.2.1 isn’t working for it.


I am not sure if I fully understood what you want to achieve. You want to translate the entire particle system, right?
The way you do it now will only move the emitter and leave the emitted particles where they are. You can however translate all the particles at the renderer. You can add to the Position (Particles). See below. Or multiply for scaling.

You can even attach a transform to the Position.

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Perfect! Looked right at that pin and somehow didn’t realize to use it. Thanks!

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