Open exr files without admin rights


i want to use exr files within vvvv.
i guess i have to use the cv Image pack.

i dont have admin rights on my Computer and can not install vpm to download the cv Image pack.

is there another way of importing exr files?

thank you

hey alex, the imagepacck can simply be downloaded from its contribution page.

haha, man, im getting old, thx sebl

@hrovac [quote=“hrovac, post:3, topic:15933”]
haha, man, im getting old

Call yourself lucky.

I recalled this obscure forum with this trashy thread I read several years ago. All sorts of workarounds to activate Win superadmin. I was like:

“Damn, I must have bookmarked the website… Now… What OS it was? And what machine? Mmmmh…”


admin rights for vpm is for associating .vpack files and registering the vpm:// url schema. if you drag and drop a .vpack file or a vpm(s):// url onto vpm.exe then it doesn’t need admin rights. on the note of imagepack it’s officially abandoned, it’s full of stiff dependencies and it’s getting old. vvvv community needs a replacement or better integration with rulr (elliott’s focus currently afaik)

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