[emeshe] hdr from cv.image pack?

anyone got that fork running ?
here i still got red FileImage and AsTexure in the hdr loading subpatch

i’m not sure why @microdee is pointing at my fork there. it is not different to what you get from here: vvvv.packs.image

also, is the hdr importer supposed to run on x64 ?
the image pack is x86 and emeshe is tested on x64

i have an x64 build which does have some basic functionality but it lacks most of the pack. for the time being convert your hdr images to dds (maybe with dx9) and ignore imagepack all together.

does it happen to include calibrateprojector?

yup it seems to be loading and working haven’t tested out if it actually does the job or not anyhow here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6nEyHrL_XkETURVbjM2WDYyYTQ

thanks for the link, but
calibrateprojector is not working for x64 version

please correct me if i am wrong, but
working on mapping projects with emeshe is not very possible atm

nor is the hdr reader working

so, would it make sense to new thread the faith of the so valuable but no longer updated image pack ?
maybe have it split into more functional parts ?

emeshe and VObjects are working under x86 too, in case of VObjects you have to delete x64 folder from plugins.