New computer (advices needed)

Hi ppl,

I plan to a buy a new laptop very soon that would be my main workstation.

Actually, it’d be used mainly by vvvv, processing, dealing with electronics and sensors, maybe controlling lights and music production.

I’m stuck with the release of leopard, and directx 10 between mac and pc (i don’t want to launch the flamming thread about pc or mac btw).

I’d like a computer that won’t be outdated too quickly by the new vvvv release for example.

I have no idea how well vvvv run’s under a mac and what’s are the limitations, and haven’t tried windows vista yet.

So if there any advices, any hardware issue i should be aware just go for it ! I need good advices from techie minds.


macbooks have a problem with the rgb out under winxp. i don’t know how this is under leopard now (final version of bootcamp?), but with the previous versions the dvi out didn’t work with a dvi to vga or dvi to svideo/cinch converter.

but as i’m also going to buy a new laptop soon, i’d better lean back and listen.

the one thing we all should agree is that it should be equipped with a nvidia graphiccard, right?!

I’ve a macbook pro, the dvi-vga works fine the dvi to s-vid/rca doesnt. It works well with vvvv, certainly havent had any issues, and its nvidia now. Depends on your budget!

Macs aren’t that cheap…that’s a point! Has anybody tried one of these : ZEPTO? Good graphic cards, santa-rosa architecture, DDR2 800 mhz and hybrid hard drives…And good point, u don’t have to buy an OS…May be the cheapest solution.


i also don’t know how well the final version of bootcamp is running with the latest macbook pro series, but i have to say that i’m not too happy with my macbook pro decision (even though the dvi output is nice for connecting a high res monitor).
to mention only some details:
ati doesn’t allow to install the default driver under windows, but you have to install a special bootcamp graphics driver, my second monitor sometimes flickers, and sometimes starting windows leads directly to a second restart and i still have no clue why this sometimes happens…

so i would recommend a normal pc laptop like:

sure, ATI’s interpretation of shader3.0 support is a bit annoying and vvvv still doesn’t implement some specialities of ATI, but the price for that laptop is quite convincing in my eyes.

edit: however i should mention that i’m not good in hardware neither with money … :|

yeah but the new macbookPro series comes only with the latest nVidia Graphic Cards… no problems under windows xp.

So actually the latest macbook pro with nvidia graphic cards (if possible i’d like to keep working with nvidia graphic cards) could make vvvv work without issues ?

What about the integration of directx 10 in a near future ? As far as i know bootcamp allow xp to be installed but not vista, and dx 10 is vista only.

Is it plan to switch to dx10 within vvvv one day ?

Any know issues about connectivity things like sensors, dmx, cam under mac ?

It’s such a big investissement, so i try to grab a lot of informations as i don’t want to regret.

thx for the infos.

i remember i once initiated a wikipage System Recommendations which is a little bit orphaned.
obviously my fault because it seems to have no backlinks.

I’m going to change this right now.

somehow logical that the website of a software should have a page with this information?!?

let us contribute our experiences there.

nice as usual kalle :]
i’m sure that’s neeeded and it’s gonna help huge amount of ppl

i think vista is here for more than a year now but nobody within sight is running it. this is sad of course because dx10 really looks promising and we’d never say never. but don’t expect anything soon. nothing planned yet.

Ok finally i’ll go for a pc under vista.

I have to buy it next week.
My bugdet is between 1500 and 2000 €.

I would like a nvidia graphic card, a nice screen resolution, good autonomy, robust(will be used during travelling), as fast and powerfull as possible but keeping good stability.

And also if possible having the possibility to run linux on it.
Thx, already for all the infos .


Had delay buying that laptop but right now got the cash (thx to bank credit). My budget is 3500 € max.

I though about that one’s

What do you think about it ? Which ones of them is more suited for v4 ? Any alternatives ?

It’s a 3 years credits so i’d like to make a clever choice an any help is really appreciated.


p.s : i don’t mind the look, only performance.

hi! anyone already using the latest series of macbook pros with leopard under xp? does the dvi to vga work? tv out? some macforums state, the driver problems have been fixed.

does anyone use these machines from zepto? really interesting hardware features. i understand, that they ship without os. but the latest generation just seems to work under vista…or do i misunderstand…?

I am also looking around for a new notebook at the moment … a feature i am missing for all zepto notebooks is a digital display output like DVI or HDMI !? If i do not misread the documentation all the zepto notebooks only have the good old analog VGA-output !? … hmm


Hi people,

I’ve read this and my question is: what’s the max of RAM can vvvv handle? I thought a windows app couldn’t use more than 2Go RAM, so I’m a little bit surprised…

And what about quad core vs vvvv-and-its-single-thread?..



i have 2 quad core q6600 machines (with 4 gb ram, overclocked to 3ghz, bought mainly for rendering with 3ds max) and 64bit xp. there are only 2 programs that can handle 4 cores: 3dsmax and premiere. even afterfx struggles with them. vvvv doesnt even try…no wonder.
but i dont think you can ever push vvvv to eat a lot of ram, maybe with huuuge patches. with 64 bits you can have 128 GB of usable ram address space, for all programs i think. if its strictly a vvvv machine go for a faster dual core but not the extreme versions cose they can cost 4x more than an overclocked simple version with a better fan.

hi! quoting msberger. concerning these zepto machines. i checked the web for a lot of test reviews. esp. the latest machines get very good press, but the main disadvantage: definitely no dvi!!

any proposals for good xp laptops?

btw. i am thinking about harrassing my local apple dealer to install xp and prove the function of the dvi to vga under leopard/bootcamp in real in the next days.



@viktor: “there are only 2 programs that can handle 4 cores” -> thanks to 64bits, but I use a 32bits os… I’m really annoyed cause I bought my new pc during january and I can see it’s pretty far from DigitalSlave’s recommendation!

my specs:
-motherboard asus P5K SE
-intel core 2 duo E6750 2.66GHz
-2Go GSkill DDR2 PC6400 (4Go pretty soon…)
-GeForce 8800GT
-Earthwatt 430W

What are you planning to do with ?

Basically I want work with it as a vj… Unfortunately I bought it a few days before you published your system recommandation page, pas de bol!