New computer (advices needed)

One more question: I’ve found this and I wondered if vvvv uses IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE in order to increase used memory up to 3Gb…

Thanx by advance,

Anyway is a good configuration.Perhaps your power block is a bit low. Depends on how many disks , dvd, peripherals, fans …

Your graphic card is better than a 8800 GTS.

It’s always a problem of money too .
The moderate machine I mention is less than 1000€ incl. a nice case.

But do not panic you will have a nice rendering.

For the 3 Gb tricks , yes it works


Nice! I was afraid of having bought a wheelbarrow… I have a pretty old IDE HD that I plane to change for a SATA one quite soon.
About the 3Gb, that’s a good piece of news, I found information about managing RAM in 2000/XP.

Thanx a lot all of you, take care!


@ArsR: loading insane amounts of video frames as textures in projects like this will easily fill up 2GB of ram (or any amount of RAM). Note that you can run vvvv under Windows XP64 which will allow you to use something like 3.5GB. Note that not all your drivers might work under XP64.

Hi Oschatz,

I didn’t know vvvv ran under 64bits… anyway, I heard about the drivers issue with it, so I rather use a 32bits version: if I really can use 3Gb RAM in vvvv that’s already a good point.

I have been doing music on a mac for 12 years, and I’m getting ready to add live visuals to my performances (my interest is generative video with feedback loops). My question is which windows os to use on a new mac laptop? XP retail is only available for one more week. Is Vista ok, or do I need to buy XP immediately?