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When, using VL I have to create constant inputs by holding the Alt-button and left clicking. I like this but there are a couple things I’d like to tweak.

Firstly when I add the constant, I would like to be able to edit it immediately like recent the implementation of ‘input’/‘output’ pins.

Secondly, this function is going to be crucial to using VL, so at the moment it seems a bit hidden. I think it should be available in a right-click context menu too so at least its clear and present.

The speedsters will get used to the hand gymnastics of shortcut keys while the VL flaneurs like myself can get aquainted with its features at a clear sighted and leisurely pace.

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One other mouse click reduction that would be super nice:

  • I left click a pin on a node, perhaps is a float32 sink

  • I move into a space somewhere and SHIFT+double-click

  • The node menu comes up but the irrelevent nodes are greyed out/unselectable

  • I click ‘+’ which could be a float32 ‘+’ or and adaptive ‘+’ and either:
    a) the first relevent pin is connected, or
    b) the pins of the node are highlighted and can be choosen via the arrow keys+enter or the mouse and return, connecting the nodes harmoniously

  • I can cancel this scenario at anytime by pressing ‘esc’ or right-clicking.

Something simliar is already happening by clicking a wire between nodes and putting in the node that you want, but being able to do it straight from a pin would be a massive time saver; being able to have an auto-filtered node list by the value type could make the experience of VL more fabulous than one or two other nodal languages out there (I’m looking at you, Blueprint)

yes, you can ALT+left or just middleclick to create a constant while making a link.

hm…but that is what you can already: after placing it just right-drag to change the value (note to self: move IOBox a bit to the left so that actually works). otherwhise dblclick to enter a value.

regarding “presence” of that “create iobox via middleclick” features we’re thinking about a kind of leisurly “status bubble” that would give you hints like what you can do with option keys while making a link, like at the moment:

  • CTRL: force link to non-accepting datahubs
  • ALT: when finishing a link, start a new link from same source (= middleclick)
  • SHIFT: when finishing a link, insert an anonymous pad into the link

regarding insert node while making a link the scenario you describe is on our todo list for after the initial release. reducing overall click-counts and mouse-movements is one of our top priorities.

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Ah, but with a trackpad… :-)
I was refering to the ability to name the constant, but perhaps this isn’t so important.

Sounds like a good move. I look forward to testing it.

Did… you just…

I found that Synaptics let set the pressure of both buttons as the middle button, you just have [details=to do what it’s described in here only if you know what you’re doing, I’ll not be responsible for any system failure]to add a new DWORD key into HKLM\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTP\Defaults, name it HasBothButtonFeature and set its value to 1; logoff and logon may be required to see this actually working[/details]

that could indeed be seen as a bug. a fix seems easy and i’ll add it to our bug tracker.

ah, i missunderstood, you didn’t want to edit the value but the label of the IOBox. of course. fixed in latest alpha.

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