Microsoft is using vvvv

peeping behind @ 3:03

haha, nice find!

super! … no text …

lol… no text …

crazy … did they buy a licence?

Someone should definitively check if they have valid licence. would be funny to find they don’t…

hey great find :D



a former student of my vvvv courses worked (or is still working) for microsoft research, maybe its him using vvvv there.

anyway, whoever is using vvvv there, its great the software made it into a microsoft video. vvvv is obviously not so niché as some say :)

yet here again (found by daniel roth):

I´d really like to know if they´ve got a licence.

they’re not making any money with that

aivenhoe: hmmm… even when it is used for maybe little internal prototyping, testing ideas or whatever, MS is still a commercial business, dedicated to make money. this video is not a fun “look what we can do in our sparetime hobby thing” but a commercial presentation aiming at gaining prestige and new customers that will pay real money.
imagine you run a design company and produce an image video where you can see your people obviously working with adobe soft that you do not own a license for. there is not much to argue about in this case…

@guest: at a first time i though the same, they must pay a license, because they use vvvv for a commercial purpose.
after that i reconsider my opinion, for 2 reasons. the first is that they really don’t make money dircetly with vvvv (they don’t sell it to their clients, simplly they used it in a video with no direct commercial purpose). and second, probably vvvv inside a video of microsoft is more useful for vvvv community than for microsoft.
and third, the vvvv license is different of the adobe license…
you must buy photoshop if you want to use, for commercial uses and for noncommercial too.

but, after that… if i were steve ballmer id give to vvvv community a great donation…

(anyway bigup for devvvveloperssss, that are, with the community, a great insipiration for microsoft ;)))


nice to see what they are using it for. from what we can tell there must even be some more pcs standing around in their offices running vvvv…

searching about microsoft research found this page, where is explained some research projects showed in this videos. and, there’s the vvvv project too, is the last one (View-Dependent Virtual Video Window).
if you look well the video sended by tonfilm you can see a little white kinect over the tv. i’m curious if they are using the openni implemetation of hierro and me :PPP
anyway devvvelopers, call’em and take some money for the next node :DDDDDD


using irony in forums is hard

if they don’t use hierro’s stuff it would be nice if they could provide us some proper driver plugins for the kinect…

On it’s way -