Mesh format for geometry buffer in particles


I am getting a lot of wierd numbers when working with geometry buffer and particles, lot of duplicate vertices etc.

What I would expect is to have same number of particles as verteces in mesh, usually I get much more - not sure how to efficiently transfer UV coordinates with texture to vertex colors, and have predictable result.

Probably the ideal would be to generate vertex colors from texture in meshlab, and get them into vvvv?

Does somebody have a good worflow how to get geom model into particles?

in dx11 we mostly use index buffered meshes to avoid having duplicate points. I believe modeling software does not care about this. had a similar problem a while ago, maybe this helps?

Not really, this would be the approach I would take when using meshlab to export vertex colors and mesh without UVs and then plug it directly to emitter. I was hoping for a tweak to just input model + texture and get particles, but I will try to work somehow around it. I was hoping someone solved this before.

I think there needs to be some tweaks for the compute shaders which would be a big time sink for me to figure out so maybe I just ditch this completely.

Generally layer emitter is much better option, in case i want to still use proper geom emission, i would go for render to uv > world position and use that as source, would work much better with inconsistent topology…

interesting, I will try to work it into my patch, seems like it could solve this

I am doing a heavy music cpu stuff in background so hopefully its not too hungry

still would be cool to have a “proper” way how to prepare geometry for particle sys

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