Make frames alignable with Ctrl-L

I want to bump this feature request that has appeared before, although just a simple version.

Current status

User can select frames by single clicking them, holding ctrl to add them to multi selections or in group selections by holding space. Currently Ctrl-L does not apply to frames.

It’s quite hard to make frames align exactly above/beside each other by hand.


Make it so Ctrl-L function will also work on frames and vertically align them, (and act as if you drag-moved the frame, so also move the content within them)

Given the user is unlikely to select multiple frames by accident I think it’s safe if Ctrl-L applied to frames whenever multiple frames are selected.

Prev similar

Stretch goal

When you select a frame the frame dimensions appear in the bottom right. Make it so you can double click these and type a new dimension. Then combined with the above feature it’s easy to make frames of fixed size and alignment.