Knowledge sharing in exchange of hospitality

Hello vvvvorld.

An exciting idea came to me yesterday:

I’d like to travel across europe at the beginning of the next year;
thinking at travel planning i thought that vvvv community is a great network of people and it could give opportunities to meet and share knowledge and ideas.
On my side it’s great to visit a city hanging aroung with someone who lives there; a totally different perception of places… :)

I offer my vvvv skills in exchange of ospitality:
I’ll give you some of my time helping or giving lessons about vvvv.
In exchange I just need a place where to sleep; no 5 star needed, just a bed/couch. Eventually, if you like/have time, you could show me some nice places of your area or suggest me things to see and do around.

Still I don’t have an idea of where to go, which cities and what part of europe. Let’s say I’ll make a plan once I’ve got an overview of people interested. :)

let me know if you like the idea!
just tell me where you live and maybe your skype contact, if i still don’t have it…

thank youuuu



hey dottore you are welcome anytime. add me in skype for some spots and dates in germany and austria.

You are welcome in Nantes fr
you have already my skype call me

Hey hey,

if you hit Hamburg feel invited :)!

Would be a pleasure to exchange some knowlege and show you the city.
Theres lots to see here.
Add me in Skype if you like: SynSigma


prague say yeah!

No Language barrier (capisciamme’)
Automatic throwing party system is on (ask vux XD)

VIP… no text …

thanks guys!!!
already some dots on the map. super.
let’s see who else is interested…

big smile

anyone who doesn’t have my skype contact:



… and Warsaw welcomes you as well!
Great idea!
skype: Greg Rogala :)

anytime ;)

edit: still hannover, germany if anybody else is doing a similar trip.

hey dottore,

I’d be please to show you Trier, the oldest city of germany. I’d love to learn from you, though i’m not very skilled yet.



I’m happy to put you up, but I don’t live in a city, if you fancy some english countryside, you’d be most welcome, and ElliotWoods isn’t too far from here either…
google church stretton to see where I’m at…

cat allergy? otherwise make a stop in F/M

You are welcome to be our guest in Frankfurt, the birth place of vvvv :) and home of the mighty NODE. Expect a nice tour around town (with some really tasty spots), and if you like, meet great folks like Jannis and vvvriendly MESO.

Details via mail/pm, if you’re interested.

Bed near Perpignan France

You’re probably pretty well covered if you come this way, but you’re welcome of course :-)

Love the idea dottore. Probably does not connect well with dots on a map in Europe, but currently organising a house + studio space in Ubud (Bali) where you would be welcome. Pretty far, but hey it’s paradise, living costs are very cheap and you’ll meet lots of other cyber nomads there :)

Cool idea man.
If it fits your route, you are welcome to Sofia, Bulgaria. Even if it is for beer drinking skills exchange :D

If you need a place to stay in Rome, here I am!

Berlin calling!
Not the most central place to stay here in Big B, but you’re at the Alexanderplatz in about 25 minutes…