Knowledge sharing in exchange of hospitality

thank you guys!!!
many more dots on the map :)


you could do the travelling so it create an image, a bit like connect the dot’s…

Dottore, and any beer drink skilled vvvv user are welcome in Polignano a Mare, (BA) Italy.

You’re more than welcome to come in Strasbourg/France !

add a dot in Barcelona Spain, skype: kostia matka

You are welcome to come over to wonderful Zurich in Switzerland. You could stay with either me or my boss. There is a studio full of midi and music equipment, a huge laser cutter, 10 identical projectors and all sorts of other nerdy stuff. Plus Zurich is an amazing city and I would love to exchange some ideas about the stuff i do with vvvv - after all I work with it pretty much all day every day :D

Here is what I work on and more specifically here: (thats me doing the demo using vvvv at about 8 mins in :)

Always welcome…

Live your myth in Greece (of crisis) !You are always welcome !

As Pm’ed you (and any vvvver) are welcome to come and get some sun in Tenerife, got a small house here but we can fix something …

haha should I be happy now that I moved to Milano? if you want you can start your journey with a coffee at my house ;) or also stay here if Varese is too far in the evening! and you are also very welcome in linz,austria, home of ars electronica where I come from and a nice little vvvv community is developing :) have a great journey! remony444 on skype

saint petersburg very welcome for next kupchino clash

This is a great idea!

You are more than welcome at my house in Altkirch (East France, 30km away from Swiss and Germany) It’ll be a pleasure to hang out with you and visit the interesting places around.

wow guys, I didn’t expected all these replies :)

thank you all, I guess it will be a long journey this time hehehe

As some of you proposed, would be a nice opportunity to organize workshops.

Keep going!


hello dottore

here is your friendly hamburg invitation number 2 by wirmachenbunt

we,(tgd, jens.a.e., raul,jfox) would be happy to have you here for a few days, to show you what we are up to and gaze at your amazing stuff. and then there is lots of fish, hafencity, reeperbahn and hipster schanze ;)

contact via skype or vvvv website

tnx man, I’ll probably pass by your place. soo mant friendly people over there… :)

You’re welcome to stay on my boat if you ever swing by the London canals :)

Skype: mynameismrboni


Hola Natan , you already know, you are welcome in my place hope you can make it. I,ll see you In Granada(Spain).
Ci vediamo dopo ;D