Kinect2 to pc

Hi vvvorum
Maybe somebody knows if it is possible (and how?) to connect Kinect for xbox one (kinect2) to pc, not waiting for kinect for windows?

i don’t think it’s possible. it needs to be supported by the sdk.

Actually it apparently is possible. You’ll need to either hack the cable from the K2 and add a USB3 connector and 12V power, or unplug the cable from the back of the K2, open the K2, wire 12V into it and then you can plug a USB3 “B” cable into it.

People have said that the XBox One Kinects work fine with the SDK and can even be used with the K4W v2 box. This has recently been discussed in detail (with pics and wiring and stuff) on the OpenKinect discussion list. See this thread:!topic/openkinect/fc2Iq9XSkIo

I’ll be hacking mine this weekend and will report back!

at least the dev version of the kinect2 is the same as the one for xbox. you can tell, because they just put a sticker on the xbox label.

as for making it work with a pc, follow mediadogs pointers.

OK, good news: if you hack an XBox One Kinect with the USB3 cable and wiring up 12v, it will work under the old SDKs as well as the new. And as long as you use the April SDK, vux’ vvvv nodes work great.

A hacked unit will also work with the public preview that anyone can download now, but that SDK is different enough that it will not work with the vvvv nodes. So to use it with vvvv, you’ll need access to the developer preview April SDK.

And one thing I just learned the hard way: the new K4W v2s, that are shipping now from the pre-order program, do NOT work with the older SDKs, so as things stand you cannot use them with vvvv.

Oh, and one note: when you first plug it in, it will connect and disconnect a BUNCH of times, and then finally stick. It will only do this the first time - you did not screw up the wiring, just be patient. I think it is loading several device drivers, and/or updating firmware. The new K4W units I just got do the exact same thing the first time.

Thank you for this, could you point me to a tutorial to hack the K2? I am not used to play with hardware…


ps sorry for spam in the shoutbox

I have so far been unable to find the Kinect v2 developer preview drivers, read the treads from openkinect as well but no leads there either. Anyone who can help me with this?


Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 Public Preview


Thank you, I was able to find that one, but I am specifically searching for the developer preview drivers (of April or earlier). Since that version would be compatible with the original Kinect nodes in VVVV.

Never mind, got it! Found it on the Kinect 2 contribution page: kinect2-nodes

@mediadog @ventoline

Have you succesfully added the 12V powersupply?

The google group suggets do to solder it to the PC’s PSU 12V connection, this would be not practical for me using a laptop.

Is it possible to use some 12V Charger / AC thing from an old Router etc?
Anything i have to check for the Router AC ?
(INPUT: 200-240v ~50/60Hz 0.3A
OUTPUT: +12V 1A)

Sorry but i have absolutly no experience with soldering electronic parts.

Yes you can use pretty any 12V AC thing with sufficient ampere.
Me using a 800mA output and works well, so your specs should do.
And don´t be scared about mixing up + and - ,
if you connect it wrong you won´t break anything, btw.

Now exists an official adapter:

here the page with all the worldwide stores, just scroll down:


there is also xmas discount

Or 23,99£ in UK which is lowest for now


Why costs the official Microsoft Adapter €57 (€71)???
“Rip off” the professional science users?!?

Two big boxes, but only stupid cable connections without electronic?

Is it correct, that the K2 has a USB-3 port (Type B) at the back side?

This is a normal USB device, but it need 12V instead of 5V?
I had seen a video, a guy solder a molex connector on the pcb in the K2.
He provided 12v in the K2 (yellow and black cable through the usb3 port hole), and connect the K2 with a USB3 cable to the pc usb port.

But I think, is this not a risk for the computer?
Do not run 12V, back to the PC USB port?

Where are the chinese white knight with the cheap “Y-cable” for few dollars, to end this rip of?!?

Could I solder a Y cable adapter, instead open and solder in a K2?
I can not believe, this could be so simple 0_o .

Could I solder only the two data lines between a usb connector Type A (pc mainboard) and Type B (Kinect for Xbox one, ), and at the Type B connector, i solder a hollow socket.

I think, if it were a normal USB3 port, it would risk damage to USB3 devices.
People who try to connect different devices like harddrives etc…

Ayup, you can unplug the MS cable from the back of the K2, open it up and solder a 12V line, and then just plug in a USB type B cable and it works fine. You can also make a Y cable instead to get the 12V in by cutting off the XBox connector and splicing on a USB3 and 12V cable, but that’s a lot of splicing. Having done both I found the direct 12V connection easier and more reliable.

EDIT: the 12V hack works fine on the model 1520. Seems that i had a problem concerning my win8 version.

So to clarify something.

I have Kinect Xbox One version 1520 (i understand there are two Xbox One versions 1400 and 1520) working with the 12V hack and a USB 3.0 cable (B type to A type). Windows and kinect verifyer tool (SDK 2.0) recognize the device and loads drivers.

I can assume i dont have USB issues. I tried several NEC renesas Chips and the only thing i could change was that i got a “the device can not be started” error when i used an unsupoortet chip like VIA. Plus windows seems to recognize it.

The Problem i dont get any data is that i used a direkt usb Connection and not via the breakout box.

The breakout Box is much more complex than one would assume, some pins are not wired the normal USB 3.0 way and there are even aditional pins. SO a USB type B connector wont do the Job on this version.

TOmorrow i get the adapter kit and i hope it will work than.

But what i dont understand. If the normal USB B type cable solution works on the Kinect Xbox One version 1400, but not on the 1520, why would both be able to work with the breakout box ???