Kinect simple how to question / HIerro multiple skeleton

hi everybody. I have one simple (very) stupid question.

How to use Kinect with hierro’s contribution ?
I have installed the virtua camera suggested and i can see result from kinect. NOw i think i missed something in the kinnect story about collecting data … Is there the need of a third party software emitting in OSC or should i writte an app in C++ for it ?

voilà !!!

Hi Karistouf,

Use this plug-in…

read my last comment

that page is really a mess…

must be in plugins folder, not in repository

Page is updated :)

@karistouf just unzipping the file into ur vvvv/plugins folder, you should be able to run patches contained into release, hope it helps :D
@antokhio which repository ? :)

@robe what’s the messing thing except a bad zipped file ? Plus, in that page, thanks to several community users, there is posted the code for multitexture support, the code for multiskeleton, and a lot of developing hints, I would not define mess, something that kept awake and happy nerding coding some of us for 3 nights :D just a point of view of course.

@hierro: last release you just putte works. fine. many thanks !

now i have to play around and begin to learn how to extract data and represnetation;-)

i have just a prpblem: i have installed many openNI / CL version. and your link is broken… could that be possible to find a way to embed in vvvv links page the good version of drivers and software ? or a zip containing the necessary set ? i m saying this because of previous experiences of "i need to reinstall everything on a new machine in one hour " …

anyway, bravo !

@hierro: nodes and paths

@hierro: peace and lovvvve

@hierro: I’m sorry I offended you… Saying “mess” I was meaning “something bit chaotic and not understandable at first look”… There are a lot of comments that need a dedicated thread in the forum, but was posted there also by me… I contributed to that “mess”… And this is confusing some user…

Anyway Your Plug-in rocks! Keep up good work!

@robe, i didnt get offended at all, it was just an observation, about the mess concept.

but im in peace, i just found a couple of hours to post on forum and i answered to post i found interesting,there is no bad sense in my words, just i say what i think, have a nice sunny saturday all :D seaside calling

I love the fact that this is as heated as it gets on this forum.

Big up all you vvvvers. Defying the laws of the internet :)

@antokio, do you mean a custom plugins folder? check the root patch

hey sapo! i’m ok! it’s actually quite nice to have all the contribs and self made patches in one place ;] (except that one, since it have to be in plugins folder) nice workshop you are planning knock me on skype, have coup really nice ideas for you, right now have to run busy as hell this days!

Here the update sites/all/modules/general/pubdlcnt/pubdlcnt.php?file= :D

Hi guys , nice new features , thanks hierro ,

i still dont get all skeleton points only one arm as shown in the picture i played with conf values but no luck, getting full body image did not help
either , any hint ?

sorry i dont see the pic, basically is not needed u play around with any values, juts open debug.v4p, can u upload again the image ?

mmmhhh dunno it indeed, never had this issues, but if u have allthe 15 vector3d, then the problem could be in following transform :)

hi thanks for reply , ok i found out , i was using the xyz after the getspread and this one outputs only 15 slices now i take direcly from the joints positions xyz , that was it ¡¡ cheers

btw image flickers and disapear much more than in previous version at least on my side ,