Kinect simple how to question / HIerro multiple skeleton

hum sorry, i would like really to have a basic understand of the multiple plug ins available for kinnect. Each one are asking for different NI installation ( stable / unstable / Middle or Light …)

-what for and which difference between Kinect Multi skeletonn / Open Ni plugin / kinect point cloud shader

-I konw this is personnal hard work of developpement, but it is not possible that all plug in may have from dependance only one FULL package , or is there any code and dependencies restrictions ?

-is it possible to someone to synthetise me simply the different options that the community is sharing with Kinnect ?

voilà ; anyway, bravo guys !

ola, the getspreads in debug was wrong, by the way, that patch wasn’t used for rendering , download this : sites/default/files/uploads/

@colorsound : dunno about the flickering, for sure this dll with everything switched on can be heavy so got some delay in update images, i dont have similar problems, anyway remove all the ioboxes you dont need from debug patch, could help :D (gently courtesy of screamer debugTime)

@karistouf:about different plugin :

  • Kinect Multi skeleton Bridge, as you can read is dismissed, Sapo also posted that on thread,waiting for webmaster to remove wikipage completely.
    This version was builded when there was no C# wrapper for OpenNI, so it coulndt be implemented as plugin for vvvv; so it was sending osc values and shared memory images to grab info from OpenNI C++ SDK into vvvv environment

  • OpenNI plugin is the latest release, using the C# OpenNI SDK, there are 2 version as you can see in downloads here openni-plugin

  • PointCloud plugin, is based on dynamic plugin (one of the version we just talked about), and it aims to draw a pointsclouds in vvvv using the openNI SDK

  • About dependencies, all the plugin mentioned above have the same dependencies, from openNI , all details about software requirements again here openni-plugin :)

  • About the third question, i didn’t get the meaning :D

hi hierro, thanks to have taken time
you answred perfectly to the third question ;-)
understood now the history of OpenNy plug in. many thanks !

Happy with your clear explanation too, hierro. And thanks a lot for the great plugin!

you are welcome, have fun :D

have art ;-)

cool thanks for update ;D

Impressive work on this release!!
Thanks Hierro!