here is a first try of a preset module. i should be able to simplify it a bit with the upcomming version.

extract to one directory and start KeyFrameDemo.v4p
further instructions inside.

comments mostly welcome. (7.4 kB)

Just dropping a note, that it loks great and works great. (cozz no one else did)

But still kind off testing it to find the best ways to use it in Subpatches.

If you want to store presets of subpatches: select the subpatch, make pin “patch” visible with her inspektor, and connect it to the KeyMaker Module instead of the PatchAlias…

Joreg, your a star!
Thanks for that, I’ve not tried messing with xmling, I can see that it is a useful skill!


glad to hear it works for you bois. take your time and report further findings…

A bug, or rather a heads up is that if you change the names of your io boxes but dont over record all your keyframes, when you change to a keyframe with a previously named keyframe it changes the new ioboxes to the recorded names.

just tried it but can’t load any keyframe when launching patch. When i tried to save different values by right-clicking slice into save keyframe box it works fine, data are saved into the xml file.
Did i mess something to enable receing value ?
Do I need some special patch wich are not present in my module folder to get keymaker works ?

thanks in advance

Hmm sounds like a problem of retreiving the right ID’s for your IOBoxes. When starting a patch, VVVV gives every Node dynamicly an ID, they do not have to be the same every time.
Joreg kept that in mind and actually retrieves the current ID’s of the IOBoxes before trying to set values to the Boxes…

Does it work while your patch is running? Or does it only mess up after starting a patch?

this rocks!

i think i´m not the only one who struggled with patches that just should have something like “snapshot-of-all-values” and your patch makes me think this gonna be possible soon.

what about loading a preset when a new “.storemealias” iobox has been created in the mean time? it happens to duplicate the first ever created “.storemealias” and put these values into the new one.

halos. i’ve been fixing some of those problems but it will only be available with the next release for you. XPath is now spreadable and has an additional output that helps to better coordinate saved node ids.

there should be no more troubles with meanwhile removed, added or renamed “.storeme” ioboxes. but you will test and let me know…by then.

only to let you know before you lose hope.

hi joreg…

made any progress with that keymaker module?

cheers ele

uh… have i forgot to upload the fixed version? sory. here it is. i haven’t added any features. it is simply supposed to work better. let me know. (7.9 kB)

thanks a lot, joreg. it seems to work much better now, do duplicated io boxes anymore… ill test that thing intensively in the next week for my vj sets…

This module is very helpfull, thx a lot joreg.

Btw, actually i’m facing a pb with it. I can’t save the xml file when my path contain special caracter like the french “é” as the “é” is encoding like “éos”. The patch path is extracted from te GetPatch node so maybe it’s a GetPatch node. Any other user face that ?

I’ve copy the same patch at my drive root and it work like a charm. So i guess that the accent is messing the module. Any way to fix that ?

If only i could help…but i’m total newbie at xml.

Hi all, i’ve been trying the keymaker and i noticed that every load/save vvvv memory usage increases, playing with keymakerDemo si somethign acceptable, if u wanna store more calues preset after a well u can have more then 1 gigabyte memory usage, any hint or observation about it ?

helo hierro,

right this is a known problem with all patches using the SetPatch nodes. they fill the undo-buffer, which cannot yet be limited.

a shame :)

I have problems when I woul like to use KeyMaker with a Subpatch. I used the Patch Pin as suggested but it saves only once.

@hierro: with beta>=19 you can now disable undo completely using Undo (VVVV)

@gab: sory for the delay. can you post an example which demonstrates your problem? i don’t really get it.

when I change the color and would like to save the state it just saves the before. (8.4 kB)