Keep list of easily accessible favorite nodes


Maybe this has been requested somewhere in the Node browser improvements topic, but it would be great if we could mark some nodes as favorites and have them easily accessible somewhere.

Suggestion : double-right-klick shows a Favorite entry where all those nodes are. Still not perfect but makes those only two clicks away :)

Always having to drill through the node browser to find Log or Channel.Value is quite annoying.



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Yes! I mentioned it before that it would also be great if frequently used nodes are somehow more visible, which could also be an alternative to explicitly favoriting them. It could either highlight nodes that have been used in the document before, but also ones that have been used frequently globally. Once again, Grasshopper does a pretty decent job of that, although in fairness Grasshopper has orders of magnitude less nodes to track.

Yup. Or try finding that I(Spread) node… it takes way too much scrolling…

This question has been asked before
There is a need to show not only favourite nodes, but also frequently used ones. If a node has been used in a patch, it is likely to be used again - it makes sense to add a recent nodes category.

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