Node browser improvements

this is almost an evergreen but lets bump this topic. what would be very welcome in terms of workflow and learning resource would be of course “fuzzy search”

that something like this , leads to a result

apart from this, some sort of code completion would help newbies to learn what works with the pin of choice. unity visual scripting does this quite nicely. and this would speed up patching a lot by making logical suggestion hence less category diving each time you add a node.


and then there is still this awkward design (icons), especially the category lines icon which is hard to distinguish from row to row. i know where this is coming from but it doesn’t work visually when you stack them hamburger menus on top of each other.



We wholeheartedly agree and some of the things are even already worked on. Stay tuned…


Just came across that one:

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I think @robotanton was testing them all in more detail and we’ll see his verdict soon.

cool cool cool, i was afraid that this part never gets some love.

to add some thoughts. the interface is so crucial for this whole product, from two perspectives:

the beginner is kinda lost in thousands of nodes and concepts and needs to be taken by the hand aka code completion. even in unity c# script, its a lot easier to grasp than in gamma at the current state (my university experience)

on the other hand, the pro .net developer is used to visual studios code completion and automatic scaffolding, its a fundamental part of the workflow. sure, he can find things easier due to experience but its not a breeze to work with in gamma

one thought concerning the icons of unity vs, sure one could argue having a bug as an icon for debug is kinda silly, but because they have a very visual icon language, you identify most of the things a lot quicker. i’m still no fan of the super abstract icon design of gamma, it doesn’t tell a story.

to make it clear, these statements are totally subjective and people might have different experiences