Interactive digital painting with changing colours - HELP - is that a particle system?

Hello everybody,

I’m new to vvvv, I’ve been studying it since the last 2 months and I’m doing pretty good with textures and 3d. I’m a musician and I don’ have any kind of graphic designer background but in the last 3 years I have been studying Processing and TouchDesigner, and now I found that vvvv is the best tool for me (probably because is similar to Pure Data).

So I’m designing an interactive project that will be triggered by many different sensors (movement, sound, etc) and I’m looking to create something like this but more 3d:

hopefully the 3d effect would be something like this:

I know the latter is a particle system (right?), but how about the first link? How can I reach something like that? Is that a particle system as well?

And also do you have any advice on how to reach such effects? What to read or listen to or watch?

Thank you very much,

Hi @NoOne511,
Nothing like that works out of the box. Have you looked at this?

Hi @Hadasi

yes I have already downloaded it but I have to start studying it, I’m about to finish all the tutorials and then start with that particles tool.

So this one as well is a particle system?

Yes I know something like this doesn’t work out of the box, but I’m committing myself everyday to vvvv and I’m planning to release the project in 4 months.

Do you have any other advice, books to study, tutorials to watch, etc?


Hmm. Not my area of expertise but example one is using fluid dynamics. If you search around here you will see some examples of that in both 2D and 3D. There will be a little bit of theory explained around here too but it might be advisable to try out the implementations, take a quick look under the hood, break stuff, and look at some elsewhere for a theory of how the parts work together having familiarized yourself with the implementation. Can anyone else recommend some good literature on this subject?

Example two is using the almighty fieldtrip.

Thank you very much, I will definitively look into that asap!

That example looks more like a shader effect than particles - check out Liquish (DX11.TextureFX).

@mediadog that’s it! thank you very much! I’m working on the project right now, I’ll post any update soon (hopefully)

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