ImGui ObjectEditor Customisation?

Can I customise the size and appearance of the Object Editor?
Is it an experimental feature of VL or is it part of the original library?

For example, I can change the width, but how can I change the height?

Not sure how a background is created and if it can be changed?


I want to fit in a pop-up window and I don’t understand at all how to do it right, without scrolling.

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Overlooked this thread, sorry. The ObjectEditor is our own invention and not part of the original library. It’s still in active development and will be deeper integrated in our own software as well as other libs like Kairos. Therefor expect it to change.

To your other questions: did you find solutions in the meantime or are they still relevant?


@Elias Thank you very much!
Really interesting widget, will be waiting for this

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