How to use typewriter with onscreen keyboard

hi all,

I would like to use the vl typewriter logic with my onscreen button keyboard. Now, what would be the best way to do this? (I asked the same question one year ago)

@bjoern could you show your workaround for stride? I have a skia texture within a stride scene. Or are there any other current workarounds for this?

My favourite solution still would be to create keypress notifications in gamma. and replace the keyboard node them.

ok just found this nuget: NuGet Gallery | VL.IO.MouseKeyGlobal 2.0.0
thank you!

you can feed the observable(keyNotification) into the typewriter.

@bjoern it would be nice if your nuget had a way to create a keyboard device. then I would not have to modify the typewriter node and could connect them directly. or am I missing something?

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