How to check an object implements an interface?

I’m trying to research how to use dynamic global channels. Let’s ignore the fact that there is only one interface and assume that there could be other objects. Now I have a simple hierarchy with “apple” and “peach” implementing the “fruit” interface and a global channel of type Object.


C# has simple notation for type comparison


Is there anything useful to find in the Node Browser in this case?

Still the most wanted fuzzy search feature in Node Browser
I insist that the search be brought back a la Beta.

InterfacesAndClasses.vl (24.8 KB)

In my research, I’ve even reached an exception
Hit one of the regions and try to save by ctrl+S
stable gamma 5.2

upd: False alarm, it happens when I append files to the forum. Can this be avoided?

InterfacesAndClasses.vl (24.8 KB)

In general, satisfactory results can be obtained with TypeSwitch. Am I doing it right?

InterfacesAndClassesTypeSwitch.vl (27.1 KB)

You could use cast as:


Fruit interface Example.vl (18.7 KB)