How do I write an animation as Videostream?

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Everything new for me now, and forgive me that I start all over with the simple questions. I would love to write an animation done in Stride as videostream to disk. Preferably H.264, but an image-sequence would do it too. Is there an out of the box solution to this? Something Like Writer NRT?

der drehwurm

i’d recommend the back buffer recorder of your video driver, they also directly upload to many cloud hosting services.

if you want a vvvv solution, there is TextureWriter and you can set the mainloop to increment.

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I had very good results using spout to pipe into OBS after turning on Vsync in beta on.
Happy to say 4k@60 FPS do not drop a single frame. What I like most about it, that you are not limited to you screen resolution, and you can still use your screen. ​
You might want to take a look at StreamFX for encoding: (latest alphas caused problems for me)

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For more recoding options see Video Recording.

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