Issue recording output with OBS

For the longest time Ive recorded outputs by using OBS. I would just set up a hotkey for record start/stop in OBS, hit alt+enter to make the renderer fullscreen, and then start OBS recording with the hotkey. I record as MP4 with the x264 encoding. However all of a sudden (and I have not changed my VVVV version) all of my recordings are mostly black area with the renderer output occupying a small section of it. I have set the backbuffer width/height to 1920x1080, and the recording resolution in OBS is the same. This is how I’ve always done it and it’s suddenly not working. Any tips?

WIndows display, scale and layout settings maybe? Set it to 100%, see if that helps

depending on your GPU, there are tools that capture the backbuffer directly. that’s usually much better for recording the output of a renderer compared to OBS:



i would use OBS only for streaming or desktop recordings (when you want to show interaction with software/multiple windows).

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