How Do I Use Commandline options?

I am actually a bit clueless on how to actually use command-line options.

I know this awesome page:

But it doesn’t really explain how to actually enter or use these.

How I do it now:

I make a textfile, typed in the location of vvvv, and than at the end I add my commandparameter. (example: C:\VVVV\vvvv_45beta34.1_x86\vvvv.exe /dx9ex )
Saved this, and renamed it to OpenVVVV.BAT
Now I need to click the batch file, vvvv opens , and than I can open the Patch that uses this (Spout sender in this case)

So I am pretty sure I am doing this wrong, how do you guys do this? I just want to open my main patch, not first vvvv and than my main patch. And the whole .txt to .bat thing feels like a detour.

creating a textfile and renaming it is perfectly valid…

if you open the .bat file shipped with vvvv you can see the following code:

start vvvv.exe /o "girlpower\demo.v4p"

you can use this file and customize it to your needs. replace ‘vvvv.exe’ with the full path if the .bat file is somewhere else… dont forget “Quotes” if you have spaces in the path.

But since my vvvv instalation is on a fixed location, but that 1 patch that needs the /dx9ex command isn’t, I really need to enter 2 path names in the Batch file, one to open vvvv first, and the other one for the actual patch that I want to open… waw…

I was hammering a bit to hard, and missed that the /o needed a patchname.v4p right behind it, so this /dx9ex thing needs to go BEFORE the /o thing. Pfff… getting there.

As far as I know, the order of commands doesn’t matter

And btw with the newer versions, you don’t need /dx9ex it is on by default

It isn´t /o, it is /o “path to patch” so /o /dx9 “path to patch” didnt really work.

And yes, woooot it is on by default, so it is a non issue now :) But I am still curious how to go about about the commandline parameters ;)

Ow, good news, that DX11 to DX9 thing seems to make DX11 doable in Resolume, so that is good :)

So I am working on the tutorial to get vvvv and Resolume up and running with and over IP/Ethernet.

Something I wished I had 10 years ago.

it would be:

/o "path to patch" /shutup /dx9ex

Hi @Westbam!


start D:\folder\vvvv_45beta34.1_x86\vvvv.exe /dx9 /o "C:\Users\x\Desktop\Example Folder\TextEX9GeometryHelpPatchCopy.v4p"

is the content of a batch file, that is saved on the desktop (C:\Users\x\Desktop\file.bat).
As you can see,

  • vvvv.exe is in D:\folder\vvvv_45beta34.1_x86\vvvv.exe
  • the patch is in folder “example folder”, which is on the Desktop (so it’s in another place as file.bat)
  • note how I look for the folder “Example Folder” -> this is not a case sensitive scenario

  • the patch is the copy of the help patch of Text(EX9.Geometry), a node that needs /dx9 to work properly

So here you can see that the three involved files are scattered over the disk, and that we need 2 commands to achieve our goal.
So we see that:

  • Using absolute paths to both vvvv.exe and the patch is the key.
  • The Command /o is closed (maybe completed is a better word) after the path to the file to be opened is declared -> /dx9 /o “qwe\asd asd\zxc.v4p” == /o “qwe\asd asd\zxc.v4p” /dx9.
    ** What @sunep is saying is that once every command is complete, their order does not matter.

Please let me know if this works for you.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I know, already fixed it cozz I missed the /o needed a file, thnx both. :)

So if you move a patch, you need to change the .BAT file? No smart way to tell it: use the path you are opened in?

you can just place the bat file in the same folder as the file you want to launch, then you move everything.

if you need the bat file elsewhere, you can just make a shortcut

Definitely. Paths declared are relative to the .BAT file: that is why the one coming with vvvv has a simple vvvv.exe, because they share the same directory.
Instead, as long as you don’t change both the vvvv folder and the path of the patch and as long as you use absolute paths, C:\what\ever\you\like.v4p, you can have your .BAT files wherever you like.

.BAT does what you tell him to do. It can’t know where the program or its associated files are. That why paths to both are required (in this case, at least). I guess you can easily build and save .BAT files with the use of nodes as Dir, Filename, + String, etc.

You can do something like this:

%~dp0\vvvv\vvvv_45beta34.1_x86\vvvv.exe /foo /o "%~dp0\Patches\_Root.v4p"

Using batch parameters

  • %0 is the zero-parameter of the batch script. It “expands to” the name of the bat-file.
  • %~0 Tilde strips double quotes (") around the expanded parameter
  • %~dp0 d and p are modifiers. The d adds a drive letter and the p adds full path.

So as long as the path of vvvv / your patch in relation to the bat file stays the same you can move your project where ever you want without the need to change the bat-file.