Hi i need to read and write excel data

i need to get the stream datatype. i managed to get that from the “file” node but its output is : “provider” what does this mean. i cant connect to “createopenxmlreader” of the excel datareader nuget or cant take it further from here, is there anyone who can guide me to resourceful sites or some intermediate concepts of vvvv. i tried node institute, but couldn’t figure out how to use .net nugets or what even the create node means in the patch. can someone explain why we use create node. it is seen everywhere. sorry beginner here…

There is Vl XPath excel it’s a bit tricky to setup but it’s really works well Excel to XDocument

i still cant get to a point where I can import datas from excel to vvvv

this solution above seemts to be outdated libraries no longer support I think

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