Fuse for people who don't speak xxSL

What do you want to learn in this workshop?
How to use Fuse to patch shaders, from the perspective of someone who only knows vvvv dataflow patching and doesn’t already write shaders in HLSL/SDSL etc.

What techniques, ideas, concepts are you expecting to be covered?

  • What’s fuse actually doing when it uploads code to the GPU. Does it convert to SDSL?

  • Whats the deal with the Domain inputs on fuse nodes, what are the possibilities here?

  • What are the differences between color, vertex, fragment, compute shader and what can they access/modify?

  • What are semantics and how are they handled in fuse?

  • How to debug a fuse shader?

  • How can arrays be handled?

  • How can loops be handled?

  • What are shader solutions for common programming problems that noobs won’t know? (Eg SmoothStep instead of Map)

  • How does fuse interact with Stride materials pipeline ?(although I see another workshop request about that topic)

  • How can you combine the key Fuse elements? (SDF, Noise, Particles, Fluid, Raymarch) What are the limitations and gotchas here?

A good final exercise might be starting with some GLSL examples in ShaderToy, how would you port those to fuse? Can explain the shader techniques as you go?

Do you have an idea who you want this workshop to be hosted by?
Team Fuse


How many months should this workshop run for? :)

The vvvv beginners one runs for 12 sessions so… 2 or 3 sessions?



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