Intro To Fuse

What’s happening in your workshop?
This workshop aims to introduce participants to the FUSE graphics library, its core features, and how to utilize it effectively for rapid visual programming on the GPU using vvvv gamma.
What will people learn?

  • Context
    • What is FUSE and its purpose
    • How Fuse relates to vvvv gamma and Stride
    • Understanding how the library is organised and how to find things
    • Workflow
  • Core features of FUSE (note some topics will be covered in much greater detail in later sessions)
    • Noise
    • Signed Distance Fields
    • Fuse Regions
    • Rendering Geometry
    • Simulation
    • Raymarching
  • Make!
    • How to make a sketch that combines many of these elements

Who is it for?
Developers, designers, and enthusiasts interested in learning about GPU-accelerated graphics, logic, and computation using FUSE and vvvv gamma.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
A basic understanding of vvvv gamma or other node based programming tools is helpful however users that are new to FUSE and vvvv are also welcome. We will provide installation materials and support ahead of time and will ask that attendants come prepared.

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?

What’s the teaching level?

How do you qualify for the topic?
The workshop will be led by several of the libraries authors