Exporting as console app and run forever

is there an example how to run a console app forever. in my case, i read data from a serial port and parse it to a websocket. putting everything into a loop didn’t work. what would be the best practise here ?

please see the answer in this thread: Hangup main thread while export Console App

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cheers, i was looking in the forum but didnt find this thread… obviously 👍

what is the best way to fix these missing references ?

@u7angel could it be you’re using an old VL version?

nope, the most recent stable release

edit: i had to activate this, but there wasn’t any hint this was mssing or had to be activated, i tried out of the blue

Upcoming releases will ship this node as KeepAppAlive [System]. Therefor there’ll be no need to set any dependencies.

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