Hangup main thread while export Console App

Hi guys,

Recent days I’m test how to export console app, I’m trying to hangup main loop and put all patches into another thread by using AsyncLoop. Doesn’t know if this is a good idea, any suggestions?

Here is my test patch.

TestEndlessLoop.vl (19.6 KB)

Do I understand you correctly that you simply want to have a main loop running like in the non-console case? It’s not really about the background thread, is it?

The lifetime of exported apps is controlled via a ref counting mechanism. Here’s a much cleaner approach making use of it trough a node called KeepAppAlive you find inside the document.

KeepAppAlive.vl (12.9 KB)

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Thanks Elias, that’s what I’m want, much cleaner than i think :)

Upcoming releases will ship this node as KeepAppAlive [System].

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