Exception: Could not find suitable serializer

Hey devvvv’s

I’m trying to build standalone version of VL.Tilda with help of vvvv gamma, but stuck with a problem, that in app itself serialization nodes throw exceptions here and there, which state that it can’t find suitable serializers.

Although everything works alright in vvvv gamma editor. Errors occur only in standalone build. Could you maybe give me a hint where might be the root of such a problem?

Code is attached Tilda.Standalone.zip (2.0 MB)

Thanks for the patch. Will report back once I had a look at it.

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Had a quick look using vvvv gamma 2019.2-0193 and ran immediately into a bunch of issues:

  1. Couldn’t load System.ComponentModel.Composition.CodePlex - could fix that one by copying it from a vvvv beta installation over to the dependencies folder
  2. XML load exception - fixed by pointing the path in the main patch to my folder - was looking in the exe folder of vvvv
  3. Argument out of range exception in TriggerInitTransition - that one I have no clue, the transitionList is always empty for me. No idea what to do here.

So my question, is that how it should behave and I simply ignore those and go on trying to export the whole thing? Or is it not even about exporting? Or did I use the wrong gamma version?

Oh, sorry for these issues. I’ve just started porting, so didn’t pay much attention to them. But now I’ve got rid of CodePlex and hopefuly fixed two other issues. Now it should be ok.

Original problem is about exporting, yes. As I said, after exporting serialization starts throwing exceptions, which I can’t see in editor

Here is a patch without these 3 problems you’ve encountered. I hope…

Tilda.Standalone.zip (2.5 MB)

Ah yes much better and export worked immediately fine for me - after copying the xml files beside the Tilda.exe. I do see a null pointer however when right clicking a clip and culprit seems to be an undefined execution order in IClipForm.AddComboBox:
The AddRange must become before the SetSelectedItem or it can still be null after and subsequently you (or at least I) get a crash.

So my question I think is what gamma version are you using? There have been fixes to serialization hen exporting recently. Maybe you’re using an older version?

Beside from that it’s a little weired that in the exported folder some dlls are lingering around. Will have a look at that. Also another weiredness is that when you try to debug with visual studio you’ll have to put the xml files into the lib folder because I’m using a stupid hack there to get the exe out of the lib folder. This is a known issue and I hope I’ll find a better solution for that.

Thanx for an answer. Well, I’ll check it with the recent VL version and report back if it works for me

Cool! 0193 preview version works. Thanx

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