DX11 Queue Texture

I m trying to avoid a lag i m having when queueing string adress of texture files going inside a Filetexture (DX11). Using the Preload Pin i have the all textures flashing.

Surfing on the forum, i have seen that ArrayTexture DX11 could be a solution, but i didnt arrived to make it work.

Here is a simple patch ( i have simplified a lot the source patch, to make it readable), just to understand my problematic ( i m ading a random texture and a quad at each left mouse click on the renderer).

Thank you
(edit: updtated the file wich was not the good one)

QUEUE & TEXTURE.zip (23.0 KB)

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Ok, forget, founded my friend: Filetexture(pooled)

texArrayQueue.zip (14.5 KB)

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thank you antokhio, you patch should be in the official help !!!

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yep thats right thank you antokhio !

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