DX11 Effect - Memory Leak

We are experiencing a very bad memory leak when using texture effects:
If a DX11 texture effect (any), that is connected to a renderer or preview is reset (alt+click) or deleted and then brought back (ctrl+z) or deleted by “create node” the texture doesn’t seem to be disposed.
Try the test patch, the used memory climbs like crazy every time.
We are loading new content in a large project with “create node” and experience a masive memory leak due to this bug.

MemTest.zip (1.8 KB)

This issue seems definitely related:

Its not down to the undo buffer is it? Switching patches is how the undo node got made, you can disable it, and then switch, see if the memory still goes up…

thanks for the idea, but I’m afraid this has nothing to do with it. For example the FileTexture (DX11) node behaves as expected. So it’s probably something specific to the renderer used internally by the TextureFX. Can anyone else confirm the bug?

@mburk same behaviour here, beta 35.8 x64 latest dx11. seems like a tfx disposing issue

the leaks are fixed now. a release is already downloadable on github.

thanks @vux

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