DX11 360 projection

I’m working a 360 projection pipeline for DX11.

There is a pretty good DX9 demonstration at the end of how-to-project-on-3d-geometry

I’m sure someone has done this in DX11 already, I’m across most of it but just having trouble wrapping my head around the camera part with 360.

I’m ok with the projector output part. Each projector has a view on a mesh that represents the screen.
What I’m having more difficulty with is the camera that textures the mesh.
Is there a way to implement a 360 camera?

For an example I took the DX11 mapping example by @antokhio from this thread 3D Projection Mapping on Geomtery (DX11)
And swapped it to a cylinder geometry (see attached)

3dmappingDX11360.zip (11.2 KB)

It works on one side of the cylinder geometry as expected. However the camera also produces an odd reflection on the far side of the geometry, highlighted in red in this image. Any ideas on what kind of camera I need to make this work properly?

don’t see why you need projected texture
projected tex1.v4p (36.0 KB)

You doing a particular project? Or just making a pipeline? I’ve got some stuff made for it already that includes proper postFX support. Probably see you while I’m in town anyway…

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