3D Projection Mapping on Geomtery (DX11)

Hi people,
Here it is, I was trying to achive the same result as is in the 3d projection mapping How To Project On 3D Geometry using DX11 instead of DX9, by projecting the geometry as a texture on the physical object.
After digging a lot and reading few threads (such as this one ProjectedTexture DX11? which I found very useful) I couldnt figure out how should I implement the ConstantProjection, combined with the Projector(DX11) - for the spectator’s view - and the PerspectiveLookAtRekt(TransformViewProjection) as
in the thread I mentioned previously. What am I missing ?
Thanks in advance!

PrjMapGeomDX11_00.7z (7.3 KB)

this tutorial a bit outdated i guess
well thing is you are overcomplicating a bit quite simple stuff:
Projected texture does only a perspective UV projection on a mesh… E.g. you got your renderer with some 3d stuff flying around, then you render that to a texture and project that on the mesh, so then you can view that mesh from the position of the beamer.
maybe this gonna give you some thoughts…
3dmapping.zip (7.1 KB)

You do not want the whole PerspectiveLookAtRect section. Just take the View and Projeciton from the spectator projector, transform * them to get ViewProjection and feed that in as the Texture Transform of the ConstantProjection node. And make sure to set Double Size. Bam!
_root.v4p (48.3 KB)

Thank you guys that was huge help, now it seems quite clear.

Hey guys, hope it’s ok to bump this; made the most sense to me since the question arises directly from a quote:

As someone learning vvvv for projection mapping, would you still recommend How To Project On 3D Geometry as the starting point, or do you think my time is better spent with another sample patch or tutorial? By “outdated” I assume you were referring to nodes that have been updated since it was first published (e.g. DX9 to DX11), but is there anything else I should be wary of?

Besides going through basic tutorials, I’ve done a ton of searching around the site and forum for projection mapping materials and “How To Project On 3D Geometry” still seems like the best way to go.

best entry point should be the Projection Mapping Primer then start a new forum thread with a specific question.

Noted, thanks!

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