Depth Camera in VL - DX11.Particles in Beta


I want to use some Astra Orbbec’s and work with their Depth Output in DX11.Particles.

I found Orbbec Astra OpenNI which works and I get RGB RGBDEPTH WORLD so I can use ist with DX11.Particles but their Textures are not Spreaded, so I get the Data only from one of these Sensors

With VL.Devices.Astra I get Data from all connected Devices but limited Outputs.

HowTo get out of these limited Outputs (PointCloud, DepthImage, ColorImage) RGBDEPTH and WORLD? Would be cool to have a solution for the whole DepthCamera Collection because DX11.Particles is still an amazing contribution. Could also be nice to find a solution which can be used by RealSense, AzureKinect … …

In short : RGB / RGBDEPTH / WORLD for all Devices !?
Any hints, support or ideas I can dig into?
Found in DX11.Particles a VL of Azure but outdated - working with raytables and DynamicTexture2D (Xenko) - so some directions but all outdated and nodes are gone.


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