Started work on an implementation for the Astra cameras by Orbbec:

Also continued implementing this, adding: Multiple Devices, better support for simultaneous color & depth and PointStream export (Buffer of World Positions in mm).

note to our future selves:

The AstraDotNet.dll fails on Windows N versions


is there a guide for how to install this? Astra node is red in 38.1 and in latest preview

tried to install it as a pack, but still red

@ggml the package is now available as nuget with installation instructions via the link above.

but note: this was only a rather quick sketch. it isn’t really stable. more work needs to be done to get it working properly. you’ll get much better results with a Kinect2 or Realsense for now.

Just pushed a new version (0.1.8) of the package which was running very stable and smooth using two astra devices at the same time. Here are the detailed changes from git commit log:

  • The ColorImage, DepthImage and Bodies nodes take an Astra device as input
  • The Astra device can be fetched from the Astra node
  • The heavy lifting is done inside the AstraDevice node, where all lifetime management is wrapped up in resource providers connected to the final output observables.
  • Instead of polling the devices (which caused framerate drops in multi-device setups) we know setup one loop calling the static Astra.Update method which in turn triggers the FrameReady events on the devices. Tested with two cameras and worked very smoothly. Also their C++ examples work with that setup.
  • As long VL doesn’t come with a standard skeleton/body node set, we expose all original classes from the Astra API in order to be able to read the data.

Needs a recent VL version (>= 2019.2-0300) available through


now version 0.1.10 is available. i’d say mostly feature complete. did a few node/pin renames, so you may see some red nodes/pins but all should be easily replaceable.

  • added PointCloud, BodyImage, FloorImage, FloorInfos, CameraParameters
  • added config options and license input for bodytracking (works only for 30min without license)
  • added Stickman (Skia3d)
  • added body tooltip

latest version contains a Boxman which also takes joint orientations into account for visualization.

consider this a release-candidate. if you have a device, please test it now and report your findings!