Creating a custom 3D SDF generator / fractal


I have a very little experience with vvvv, but I would like to implement my hybrid fractal I have in Fragmentarium.
I did it some years ago in vvvv beta, but I don’t remember how. If I recall I duplicated an existing fractal operator, copied/renamed some files, modified the code, etc… I remember it was very easy and fast to do it, and it worked well.
I’m trying to figure it out again, but no luck so far, so I’m asking for help.

I found a topic here with a file “CustomSDF.vl”, but that gives errors, does not work when I open it.

Now I’m trying to duplicate somehow the FractalQubeSDF operator because it’s code looks like it was copypasted from Fragmentarium. I just wanna duplicate/rename it, add 20 more parameters and paste in my code and the work is done :-)
I found the code here, starting from line 1282:
and I found something that looks like an operator definition, here from line 4323:
but at this point I’m totally lost, maybe this isn’t work with vvvv gamma.

I also found something in the FUSE help / Computing / Function examples, with the CustomFunction object. It looks like the same method what is in the “CustomSDF.vl” patch, so I assume this is the correct way, is it?
Is there any documentation on the CustomFunction object, any guides, examples, anything?
If someone could make me a template patch with an integer, a float and a vector parameter and a cube sdf code pasted inside, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance! Cheers

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Maybe check out the patch I posted here, it should work in latest Fuse.

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Hi @bjoern ! Thank you very much for sharing that! Yes, that totally makes sense, I will try to modify it for my needs! Thx!