Connecting Ableton Live and vvvv

Im new on Ableton Live and now I want to communicate with Ableton Live. I have read some introduction about OSC in vvvv, but I dont know what should I do in Ableton Live.
Limited by the internet speed and other difficulty,I can`t ask question in the forum of Ableton Live.

did you see this other recent thread?

Im sorry,Im not able to find this page.Uploading… I just became the user of Ableton for 2 days.
But I tried connected with resolume arena. I received the string from arena,but I dont know how to use it.And now Im able to send strings to resolume arena by OSCEncoder in vvvv and TouchOSC,but it`s just a string.How can I edit the OSC map in resolume arenaUploading…

How can I receive a value by “asvalue”?

touchOSC and vvvv are both able to connecting with resolume arena, but I can see the strings in the setting list only , the OSC map in resolume arena has no feedback

The address pin at the OSCDecoder is meant to be the OSC (and not the IP) address, in your example namingly “/composition/selectedclip/transport/position”. As shown in your “AsString” output, it should be a single floating point value.

I have a further question: I’ve managed to connect up ableton to vvvv using midishortout nodes and mapping, is there any additional benefit to using the OSC method?

Yes, osc works great over network and you can send floats, not just 7bit midi, besides strings

thanks , I got it@ndrv

I found this page finally and Im able to understand the "OSC ClipIn""OSC transportIn". But Im not able to understand this page

because the 8 numbers are not changing realtime.I’m pretty sure the UDP has been connected because the “OSC ClipIn”“OSC transportIn” are no problem.Help me thanx.

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