VVVV -> ableton troubles

hi all,

I’m getting a little desperate here… I need to send 20 floats and 10 triggers simultaneously to live, but no luck so far!

Ok first of all I tried Ableton connection kit. Downside is I am unable to receive data from different osc adresses at the same time, and the plugin does not support grouped OSC messages. On top of that I can map the values just to rotaries and sliders, unable to trigger sounds with it.

The M4L <-> VVVV tools just work from ableton to VVVV. Unable to recieve data in Live.

Then I tried the Hexler TouchOSC midi bridge, but it’s 32bit and won’t work with my 64bit Ableton. The guy I work with wants it to use the 64bit version.

So what is the 2017 way to do this?

regarding M4L<>VVVV do you think it is a limitation/problem with the contribution, then you should ping @tekcor who did it.

otherwise instead of sending OSC would it help to just send midi?

Then I would need a virtual newtork Midi driver. Any recommendations?

not in particular, but i see some listed here: https://vvvv.org/documentation/io-links#midi

If you want to go via the network use rtpMidi. Its even compatible with the network midi sessions built into Mac OS, which is pretty sweet and works very well. With a wired network we have a latency of around 10ms.

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are you sure the M4L to VVVV sending does not work? Did you try to change ports maybe? Sometimes they are blocked from other applications.

Also which version of Ableton are you using? I always worked with ableton live 8. so if you are using version 10 then it was indeed never tested against it and it would be good to know.

Those M4L and vvvv patches can be also a base for you to patch your solution yourself by the way.

aw yiss… rtpMIDI is sweet thanks a lot !!

@schlonzo schlonzo
tested and works

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