Community Project

Hi vvvvolks,
What are you thinking about the idea of starting a community project which combines all the amazingness vvvv has to offer and the individual stregth of the users. We can collect ideas and see were this leads to. After having a proper concept of the project, we can split up the patching and coding work.

This should at least end up in an audio visual piece to act as a main representation of vvvv and the community. Maybe we could also aim for node13 to have an installation running there.

Sounds good and would you participate?

yes, it’s a good idea, i want to partecipate ;)

could be a cool thing to be presented at NODE13

+1 !
i m for the artnet remoting part

a good idea, indeed

+1… no text …

+1… no text …

I’m inn :)


maybe we should collect ideas in different categorys like

  • elements and objects we want to include
  • animations for the elements and objects
  • shading to use
  • scenes to compose out of the above
  • main plot to compose out of scenes
  • interaction if we make the step towards an installation

pen and paper sketches or inspirational work from others is important to communicate the ideas. good opportunity for the forum to get some color :) has someone more thoughts on how to get this started as good as possible?

im in

Something on a subject most of the users frequently ask about? because everyone can witness how we are planning, distributing and getting things done to realize specific project. From that point it’s all up to individual adaptation how they make best use of this awesome thread :)

good point.
as a first idea i would love to see a mechanic creature brought to live, using skeleton and collada. it could live in a cave together with glowing particles which do the ligthing and shadow there. would be a great scene for projection mapping. (just to name a few frequently asked topics).
same projection space could be used for more scenes.

it’s clear that everybody has more or less a different style and opinion about the atmosphere and the content of such a project. so we need as many opinions and ideas as possible to get a picture what we can do.

@karistouf: can you describe closer how the project could profit from artnet?

Hello tekcor,

Any progress?


edit - could help with stepper motors etc if you’re actually talking about building a mechanical creature.

jea cool. i was waiting for more input from you guys. what about doing a skype/irc conference on the weekend. say sunday 8:00 pm? my skype: leavingtheplanet

@mrboni: thought was to build a PAC… Projected Artificial Creature… or something. slightly bigger then humans, to be immersive and stuff. It would be important that it’s surrounding would integrate into reality as good as possible. Thats why i thought of a cave (imagining something like Joanie Lemercier style here). Having some moving artifacts going on there, like roboflowers for example (, would be realy nice. But i think building the whole creature as robot would be to expensive.
For the design of the PAC i took pictures from hyraulic machines on construction sides and was looking on insects.
hybrid insect/machine creature would be amazing i think…

we need someone who is good in building meshes then… it always takes ages when i try do build a mesh with lots of details in blender…

The creature would interact with the users on an emotional level… say crying and running around frightens it or makes it angry and moving slow triggers different behavior and so on…

what are you thinking?

3d modeling? I can help. If sunday (skype) conference will be confirmed, I’ll be there to understand if I can help or not.

question is : CANVAS ?

it would be really great to have a simple Mixing Canvas without complex structuration obligation ( same in out pins to use loadpacth from svvitcher ) etc etc.

I mean, something terrible would be: take a patch,and drop it in a box, if it contains a render the output should be hacked an rerouted automatically.

uhm, 8pm in which time zone?

GMT +1 ;)

And jes, let’s think about how to organize the patching. First of all we should use git and we can modulize everything very clearly like in IRIS, using lots of Sends and Receives.
did you mean this with the canvas question karistouf?

yes tekcor, sorry i have a show so i cant be there around.

yes i m talking about finding a new way to load a patch and use a patch.