Colors of with NRT Rendering

Hi there,
So i noticed, when using texture writer in stride - also in particular the NRT writer from catweasel here but also any self made NRT writer - The colors in the rendered textures are off from what i see on screen.

Actually they are off in their dynamic range it seems, and i can also not adjust it with classical gamma adustment from linear to srgb space.

In fact, i get the same colors in stride when using the helper view with F4.

Side by side comparison, first the screnshot from stride renderer, second the written texture. As you see is very subtle and looking at the vignette, you can see it quite good.

yes, so am i missing something or does somehow the wrong texture from the helper view end up in here? I also dont remember this happening half a year ago when i had a heavy rendering session with stride…

What kind of postfx/tonemap are you using? If you press F4, the postfx get disabled. otherwise, you have to share patches or screenshots of the exact pipeline that you are using.

Oh yes, i used scenetexture to render a fullscreenquad with the texture - and default postFX was enabled on the scenetexture, so it was applying another tonemapping. Thanks for pointing it out!

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