Cannot create DateTime.TryParseExact node

Hey there,

I need to use DateTime.TryParseExact in 5.0-535 (MSDN doc here).

As suggested by the documentation, I add a reference to System.Runtime via CTRL + SHIFT + E, then I can find the node in the nodebrowser but I cannot create it, see repro gif :


Questions :

  • Why do I have to add a dependency to System.Runtime ? Shouldn’t DateTime.TryParseExact be there already in the DateTime category?
  • Why is its icon grey and not green in the node browser, since it comes from a dependency?

Thanks in advance!

Noticed a similar problem using System Rectangles. The Node browser isn’t showing any of my GE nodes.

It works when using a different “navigation path”.

Eh, that’ll do for now, thanks @bjoern :-)

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