Camera control for VR user movement, Quest2

Hello guys, I just a Quest2 borrowed for a few days, and a TpLink AX-1500 wifi6 router to have a stable AirLink connection. So far I did work, but with many crashes after re opening vj documents. I found out that If I stop the quest2 service and restart if from the quest 2 debug tool I was able to get it back, well this is not the main reason of this post, but any help regarding making this more stable is appreciated.

I was able to easily view my 3d scene on the quest, and I was amazed on how the example patch is made, all the possible data from the headset and the controller is there, so big thanks to the devs who made this !

My main question is more related to math and Camera control. I would like to control the player position with just the tumb stick ( x,y only ). If I am looking north , and I increase Y I would like to move forward toward the camera point of view, AKA mode forward, or move the camera in Y.
But if I am looking left, and I keep increasing Y, I would like to calculate the math, to get the camera position displacement in X. In the future I would like Z … to be able to fly trough a scene, but lets think it in 2d for now, like standing on a floor

I suppose there should be many other examples/patches/documents where is problem is already solved

I would like any advice on this topic, because I am quite sure that this attachment document its complete
CameraQuest.vl (18.6 KB)

bj-rn gave me this link on the chat and I think this is the solution!

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