First Person (Transform) in vvvv gamma?

Hey guys.
I tried to replicate the “FirstPerson (Transform)” in vvvv gamma.
I just copied the patch that was originally compiled in vvvv beta by diki in 2007.

The behavior is quite the same but “meshwalking” is not available as I did not find the node corresponding to Intersect (3D mesh ray legacy) and I am not good enough to create it.
It would be very useful to create such a node.

I made some changes from the beta patch to make it work properly (I switched forward / backward direction and min / max values of the rotations). Still I did not understand why these operations were necessary. I appreciate if someone can explain it.

I ask the most experienced to test it. Obviously if you have any advice to improve it or make it more suitable for vvvv gamma is appreciated. I’m sure you can do better.

I don’t know if there was already some patch similar to this.
I hope it will be useful for someone.

FirstPerson_4_gamma-help.vl (131.0 KB)


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